Friday Favourites: Favourite Shoujo Couples – Week 3

Hi guys! Another Friday, another couple. For this week, I’m going with Zen and Shirayuki!

A slow relationship

One of the things I love about these two is that their relationship was a slow burner. Rather than concentrating on them as a couple, a lot of time was spent building them up as individual characters. By building their strength and showing how they overcome obstacles, the show was able to convey their hardworking nature and why they work so hard. They want to be worthy of the other which leads them to work extra hard and ensure they give their best at their own jobs.


Precious moments

This does result in them having less time together but these moments are all the more precious. The time they spend together alone and the conversations they have carry all the more meaning because they don’t happen often. It goes to show that their feelings aren’t just surface level and that they are working on it for the long haul. They may not say their feelings aloud until second season, but their love for one another can be felt with how they treat the other as precious. It’s quite cute to watch these moments really.

Zen and Shirayuki 3

Zen has Shirayuki’s father’s approval

I mean Zen literally has Shirayuki’s father’s approval so what else is there to say. Zen brother might not be so nice in that regard but at least Shirayuki herself has shown herself to be more than worthy of Zen and vice versa hence Shirayuki’s father gave the ok. That has to be the biggest boost for them especially Zen since he was treading so carefully. Being a prince is not easy so to be in love with someone who is regarded as a “commoner” makes his life and hers harder. I’m glad they stick together though because I’d have it no other way.



  1. I haven’t seen this show, but maybe I should! It sounds like Zen and Shirayuki are given plenty of time to grow and flourish on their own before coupling up. That’s good. Sometimes two characters can be strong together, but weak apart. Like, without the other their best qualities aren’t as obvious, they’re not as entertaining to watch, etc.

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    • That’s one of the things I like about the anime. They have their lovey dovey moments but also moments of independent growth as both co tinue to pursue their paths.
      Agreed. I’m not a huhe fan of animes where the characters aren’t strong o their own either.

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