Weekly Reads – Weeks 28 & 29

Hi guys! It’s been a fortnight since I posted one of these and it wasn’t because I hadn’t read anything but because I forgot. Sorry about that! Anyways, here we are with everything I read over the last two weeks instead.

Entertaining Mr Sloane coverEntertaining Mr Sloane by Joe Orton

What a messed up brilliant piece this was! I had a lot of fun reading and analysing this one because it was such an interesting piece. I’d love to this performed just to see how it would come together on a stage.



The Passion of New Eve coverThe Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter

As weird as a read this was, I somehow really enjoyed it. I quite liked the way Carter weaved this chaotic world and used it as a platform to rewrite Eve. Honestly, it was great! I went into it believing I’d hate it and came out having enjoyed it.




Selected Poems of T S EliotThe Wasteland by T.S. Eliot

I finally tackled this piece. It isn’t the longest piece of poetry I’ve read but it does rank amongst some of the most difficult to understand. That being said it was an interesting read. I quite liked some of the imageries Eliot used but I did have to look up some of the allusions because they escaped me. Still, it’s a fascinating piece.


  1. The Passion of New Eve looks like an interesting read! I’ve read Carter’s Bloody Chamber and absolutely loved it. Especially her language!

    And Orton is a genius. His biography is super interesting too.

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    • Definitely worth a read! It’s weird and twisted but pretty interesting. I’ve been meaning to read Bloody Chamber! Hopefully I’ll get round to it at some point.

      I know right?!

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        • For some reason or the other that I am unaware of, I’ve sort of avoided reading rewritten fairy tales even though I have nothing against them 🤔 But I’ll definitely read Carter’s! I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about them!

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