Weekly Roundup: Winter 2019 – Week 11

Hi guys! We’re fast approaching the end of this season. I can’t believe it’s already ending! 😮 


Boogiepop wa Warawanai coverBoogiepop and Others – ep 16

Interesting. So the King of Distortions plays on the hidden selves within a person. I quite like that because the whole idea of multiple selves fascinates me so this was right up my ally. Each of these characters are seeing the king as a repressed self that they have kept hidden due to some trauma or guilt or, maybe because it forced them to com efface to face with something that changed their perspective. Whatever it was has been suppressed and this king is bringing it back out. Interestingly Makoto’s Zooragi not only causes chaos in his world but also that of others and the “real” world. It’s as if Zooragi is completely separate to Makoto but who knows. Maybe we’ll get more on that later.

Dororo coverDororo – ep 11

Whilst Dororo and Hyakkimaru had a bit of a holiday, the fate of his family is coming to a head. Hyakkimaru, Tahomaru and Daigo’s fates are now intertwining with them learning about and making contact with one another. It did feel like this episode had a faster pace, but I did enjoy it for what it was. I’m quite interested in seeing what Daigo does now that he’s found Hyakkimaru and what Tahomaru’s reaction will be when he learns the truth.

Fairy Tail 2018 coverFairy Tail (2018)  – ep 23

It felt like way too much happened this episode that it was almost too crammed. It’s nice to see all the fights moving at a steady pace but I just wish some portions were given the time they need to leave a lasting mark. For a foe so strong, Jacob was taken down quite quickly and what seemed to be an important moment from Mavis was quickly put the side in favour of revealing what’s going on in the north and Erza’s new opponent. It felt like too much really.

Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki CoverFukigen na Mononokean: Tsuzuki – ep 11

Komon and the birds had quite the cute story and I really liked the way it was told. It was interesting to see such a cute little story mixed with hints as to who Ashiya’s father was. Now we know that he was a former employer and may have killed and imprisoned yokai from what Komon had to say. It makes me wonder what made him go bad and do the records in the prison really have anything to do with him? Ashiya’s father is a real mystery but these little hints are keeping me hooked. I mean this show keeps me hooked anyways but it’s given me something extra now.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen coverKaguya-sama: Love is War – ep 10

I really enjoyed the continuity from last episode here. The first segment funny to watch and uncomfortable to watch. I felt sorry for Ishigami who felt that it was his fault but it did result in Kaguya and Miyuki blowing up at each other like never before and the fight itself was quite funny to watch. The middle section was nice as well and it wrapped up their fight pretty neatly with the third setting up for the next stage. I feel sorry for Ishigami since he’s been, unknowingly, dragged into going to the festival with the other two but it might turn out to be lots of fun.

Kakegurui×× coverKakegurui×× – ep 11

If that ending was supposed to be the hook for this episode, then I’m kind of disappointed. Considering what we’ve seen from this clan, it would be a mistake to think Batsubami was normal or “nice” for that matter. Having that hunch that Batsubam wasn’t all they made themselves out to be meant the ending wasn’t that much of a surprise. Though, this current appearance suits them better than the trim and proper one. Also, the gamble itself wasn’t all that bad to watch but it did feel like a stepping stone for what’s to come.

Mob Psycho 100 II coverMob Psycho 100 II  – ep 11

Wow, that was awesome! I didn’t expect to see Mogami again like that but that added a nice touch to the episode and his advice to Mob wasn’t exactly all that bad. To think that Mob took it up in his own way was just icing on the cake. The fights this week were great to watch and seeing Mob scaring off people just by his aura was great. Mob is normal, for the most part but there isn’t anyone stronger than him when it comes to psychic abilities. I can’t wait to see how the next fight goes down!

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru coverRun with the Wind – ep 22

King’s story was a great contrast to Kakeru’s and I loved how both played out. The animation this week was utterly beautiful especially when showing Kakeru’s running. I can’t believe we’re already towards the end but honestly, it’s been the best ride. The quality of this episode in both story and animation just goes to show how amazing this show truly is. I’m going to miss this when it finishes.


Sword Art Online Alicization coverSword Art Online: Alicization – ep 22

Glad to see Chudelkin die and that golem thing out the way. What was the point of that thing if it was going to go down so quickly? Anyways, Cardinal has finally made an appearance and Kirito’s identity as somebody from the other world has now been established so maybe this chitchat can be cut short for a fight or something? I’m kind of getting bored of this stand around hearing what the Administrator has to say thing.


Yakusoku no Neverland coverThe Promised Neverland – ep 11

Holy crap! What an episode! Everything in here was utter perfection. I was honestly fooled last week. I mean I knew Ray and Emma hadn’t given up but for Norman to have left a plan and for the children to know the truth? That was unexpected. Also, are they going to leave? Phil is still by Mama and is he the only one who didn’t escape? I’m so curious! This is a plan that can collapse in the blink of an eye and right now, I don’t know what’s going to happen but it’s all very exciting.





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