Summer 2019: Weekly Roundup – Week 2

Hi guys! With graduation, surprise parties, a trip to Wales and work, I really fell behind on anime and only caught up with last week’s episodes today! Apologies for the delay but I’m not really sorry because it was a nice break and I had a lot of fun!


Carole and Tuesday cover

Carole and Tuesday – ep 14

That producer is insane but he has connections that’s for sure! I don’t know how it will go but it was a nice song. For me, the family issues were more interesting. Carole finally found out that Dann was her father and the story behind her abandonment. It was a sad story but at least it somewhat of a happy ending. And then there’s Tuesday. Hers is a complicated one and I do wonder what will happen with her mother.


DanMachi II cover

DanMachi II  – ep 2

Wow that was a fun episode! Lots of running around and fighting against the Apollo famillia kept the episode quite engaging. Apollo is set up to be quite the jerk and so is the guy from the Soma famillia whose appearance made Lily go pale. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this develops and I do have to wonder how strong Bell will have to become to defeat his opponent in the War Game.


Dr. Stone coverDr. Stone – ep 2

Interesting developments. Tsukasa was definitely an asset when he was first destoned, taking on the lions as if they were nothing. He is well suited for this life in the wilderness but his moral code might be in an imbalance. I can see how this guy could be dangerous with his immense strength so the ending of the episode set up a nice opposition. On the one hand there’s Senku who wants to save all of humanity including the corrupt adults and on the other there is Tsukasa who would rather kill all the adults whilst they’re stone and create a utopia. This should be quite interesting.

Fairy Tail 2018 cover

Fairy Tail Final Season – ep 39

I’m glad Gray is still alive because that was a close one. This guy is too quick to throw his life away when that isn’t the right answer. Seeing Acnologia actually do something really cements him as a threat even if that was stamping all over Irene’s body. This time though, he’s here to fight so that could spell trouble for everyone. To be fair, I’m more interested in seeing that than Gildarts fight against August.


Enn Enn no Shouboutai cover

Fire Force – ep 2

What a great follow up episode from the first one. I quite liked the way Arthur was introduced as a “Knight King” and Maki got a chance to show off her moves which were nice to see. For me, the story is developing quite nicely and it’s not all about going out there and bringing the infernal’s down which I quite like.



Kimetsu no Yaiba cover

Kimetsu no Yaiba – ep 15

Hopefully that was the last of the bad comedy. I honestly don’t think it fits this show all that well at the minute so I was glad to see the action in the second half of the episode. The demon they’re fighting this time around seems powerful especially since it seems like she’s not alone. No wonder ten corps members already fell. That being said, I was happy to see Giyu again after so long and Shinobu seems like an interesting character as well.

Try Knights coverTry Knights – ep 1

Not aired yet.





Vinland Saga coverVinland Saga – ep 4

Did not air.


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