The Animanga Festival: Anime/Manga You Would Introduce to a First Timer

What Anime Would I Introduce to a First Timer? 

Akagami cover.jpg

This is a hard one. Normally I try to find out what genre they like and the types of things they enjoy. To give an example, the most recent person I introduced to anime wanted to watch romance but also something that wasn’t super long so I suggested Snow White with the Red Hair which she loved. I went off of that to give her other anime to watch.

I also suggested other shows she might enjoy that were not romance because I knew she does like fantasy and doesn’t mind if there is no romance as long as the story is good. With that in mind, I suggested Demon Slayer because it’s a recent one and I know she’s enjoy it and she did. 

So yeah, when I introduce anime to first timers I usually give them something that fits in with their tastes. There’s no point in me giving an anime that I think highly of if it’s not something they’re going to like. That being said, I do always slide in one or two recommendations that I love because it’s interesting seeing what they think of it. 



  1. I’ve never seen Snow White with the Red Hair, but I hear it’s really great so I’ll need to check it out 🙂 !
    I don’t know what manga I’d recommend for a first timer either, I don’t read very many but probably Demon Slayer or the Promised Neverland.

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    • Really? Yeah it’s a pretty good anime! 😊
      Good choices. It is really difficult to choose what to recommend for people because there’s never a guarantee they’ll like what you like.

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  2. My Hero Academia is my go-to. It’s got superheroes so it’s easier to transition into for people whose nerdiness only extends to comics and movies, while still keeping a lot of manga tropes.

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