The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi guys! I was nominated for this award again! I think this is the third post I’ve done for this award? Either way, I feel very special right now for being nominated by so many of you. Thank you! So this time, Iniksbane tagged me back and Inskidee nominated me as well. Thank you guys! I have linked to their posts below: 

The Rules: 

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

sunshine blogger award 2

Iniksbane’s questions:

Grave of the Fireflies cover

1) What was the first time you cried during an anime, and why?

Oooo the first time? I think that was probably when I watched Grave of the Fireflies. It’s one of those movies that hit me very hard. War movies tend to destroy me especially when they concentrate on the innocent people that get caught up in it all. For me, even though Grave of the Fireflies was an animated film, it still hit hard because of the way it depicted children and the effect the war had on them. The themes it explored and the events it showed all happen during wars. It didn’t try to glorify war or condemn it. It just showed the reality of war, especially the semi-reality and trauma of the author of the source material. It’s a powerfully moving movie.

baccano cover

2) What is your favourite series that you will never watch again and why?

I’m going to go with Baccano. I like the thrill of watching it for the first time but for me it’s not something I could watch again because I wouldn’t experience the same thrill again. That’s the sad thing about finishing something good; you can’t experience the first time feelings again. 

k cover.jpg

3) What is your favourite series that you know is terrible, but you still love it. Why do you love it?

Probably K. I know the story isn’t all that great and it’s basically just animation and good looking characters but I think that’s the very reason I enjoyed it? The story wasn’t great and I didn’t exactly like the plot but I loved the animation and the characters which is why I’ve watched all of it.

4) What is your favourite blog post that you haven’t written yet? Why haven’t you?

No clue. I guess I won’t know what my next favourite post will be until I write that post.

5) What blogger do you secretly wish you could be more like. What do you admire about them?

There are so many but I’ll go with Karandi for this one. They were one of the first people I followed when I made this blog and have always looked up to their blog. I admire how Karandi constantly puts out great content week after week whilst juggling reality at the same time. I aspire to be like that.

kekkai sensen and beyond cover

6) Is there an anime where you think one change would fix it? What anime and what change?

I don’t think there is an anime that would be fixed with simply one change but I do think the second season of Blood Blockade Battlefront would have been better if more of the visual bombardment and metaphors form first season were there.

7) If you crashed on a desert island, what three people would you want to send you anime? And what anime would it be?

  • My sister – Haikyu because she knows I love Haikyu and she enjoys it too
  • My friend that watches anime – Gintama because we both love Gintama and why not
  • My friend who knows about but doesn’t watch anime – FMAB because it’s easy enough to find and one of my favourites 

Haikyu coverGintama FMAB cover.jpg






8) Is there a series you wish you could buy on DVD/Blu-Ray? What series would it be?

I don’t actually own any DVD/Blu-ray of anime because I’m just not into owning them. That being said, if I could own one, it would probably be for Haikyu.

9) What anime creator would you want to talk to, and what series would you like to talk about?

Probably Matsumoto Rie and talk to them about Blood Blockade Battlefront.

re-creators-cover Grimgar Ashes and Illusions cover

10) What anime should I watch that I probably haven’t from the last five years?

Not sure if you’ve watched them or not, but RE:Creators or Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions are worth trying. They’re very different and I enjoyed them both for very different reasons.

11) What is your favourite fruit?

I’d say Kiwi’s. I like them when they’re sour and when they’re on the sweet side.

Inskidee’s questions:

1) Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to share my thoughts on anime I watch because I don’t have many people to talk to about anime.

Haikyu cover

2) What is your favourite anime genre and favourite anime in that genre?

I’d say probably sports since I watch a lot of sport anime and tend to enjoy them.

My favourite sport anime would be Haikyu. It’s one I’ve loved ever since I watched first season back when it aired in 2014.

3) Do you find Blog Posts in general hard to write?

Yup unless I’m writing a list. Lists are usually easy for me to write but every other type can be quite difficult to get right. I try to not second guess myself and just write what I think and post it without changing anything otherwise I could spend hours editing a post and not be happy with how it comes out.

4) What horror movie stereotype would you be and why?

The scared person who hides under the bed which is the most useless thing to do because I’m not very good with horror at all.

SAO cover

5) What is your guilty pleasure anime?

I don’t think I really have a guilty pleasure since I don’t feel guilty about the anime I watch and enjoy. The one that comes close is SAO only because it gets so much hate.  



6) What was the hardest thing for you to do during your time blogging?

Finding time to write the posts. That’s always been something I’ve struggled with.

personality type

7) What’s your personality type? [Random question but i’ve always been obsessed with people’s personality type; they say alot. Mine is ISFP even though you didn’t ask].

I was INFJ the last time I did the test about three years ago. I’m probably still the same since I haven’t changed much. 


vampire knight

8) What’s your story on how you got into anime?

My sister’s friend saw me reading Vampire Knight in the school library and introduced me to the anime because she thought I’d enjoy it. It got me curious in the medium and so I watched some other anime and have been watching anime on and off since. I’ll admit now that Vampire Knight is not the best thing out there but I really enjoyed it back then.

9) What is your most commonly reoccurring emotion whilst blogging be it making blogs, reading other’s blogs, collaborating with other bloggers, projects, etc.

Happiness I guess. I really enjoy blogging and reading everyone’s blogs as well. It’s a time where I can sort of relax, talk about and read things related to something I enjoy as a hobby.

Mushishi cover10) If you could recommend the entire world one anime to watch, (Side Note: They’re not allowed to not watch it) which one would it be?

Mushishi because I think more people need to watch that. It’s a great anime and it’s relaxing so yeah, I think I’d go with this one. 


11) Oh no…i’m out of questions…uh…How done are you with Isekai at this point?

So done that I avoid watching them altogether unless they turn out to be really good.

Thanks guys for nominating me and for the questions. They were fun to answer! 🙂 

My Questions: 

  1. Is there an anime you’ve always wanted to watch but have yet to?
  2. What genre of anime have you not tried out yet? Why?
  3. Is there an anime ending that frustrated you? If so, which one? 
  4. Currently, what’s your favourite op/ed?
  5. Which three anime characters would be the worst to get stuck in an elevator with? 
  6. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
  7. Do you plan your posts or are they more spontaneous? 
  8. Do you have a notebook dedicated to jotting down blog post ideas? (I find it quite helpful to have one)
  9. What’s your favourite season? Why? 
  10. Are you a coffee or a tea person?
  11. What’s your favourite type of food?

My Nominations: 

  1. Alex 
  2. Merlin
  3. Derek
  4. Artemis
  5. The Glorio Blog
  6. Cactus Matt
  7. Jenn
  8. Kimchi
  9. Will Sirius
  10. Mathaurion
  11. MirrorPurple



  1. Thank you for the tag! So many anime make me cry haha! I think sometimes I’m too emotional. I still have the DVD of Graveyard for Fireflies but I haven’t watched it yet… I need to get a box of kleenix maybe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the tag!! I feel like so many people got into anime and manga through Vampire Knight…it’s so interesting because it’s not…very good imo, but it’s been the gateway for so many people that it’s managed to stick around in our minds.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anytime! 😊
      That’s very true! Looking back at it, I definitely agree with you. It wasn’t a great manga or anime but at that time I enjoyed it enough that it got me intrigued about the mediums.
      It’s one of those weird ones that just sticks around in conversations.


  3. Great answers and I agree 100% with Grave of the Fireflies. I STILL cry watching that movie and it’s one film I can count on one hand that can do so to me. That story was so powerful and is easily my favorite Ghibli film.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for answering! Your answers were fun to read especially with the horror movie stereotype. If I was in a horror movie i’d be the girl who makes one stupid mistake and ends up dying. You know, that girl in every horror movie ever…but then again, I make stupid mistakes on a daily so that girl is pretty #relateable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anytime. Thanks for the questions! 😊
      Oh damn… you’d basically be gone as soon as the movie starts! 😂
      Lol same here. Stupid mistakes are a thing I do all the time :’)

      Liked by 1 person

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