Weekly Roundup: Autumn 2019 – Week 4

Hi guys! I’m glad to see Babylon’s back this week! I’m really enjoying it so I’m glad it is airing weekly now!

Ahiru no Sora coverAhiru no Sora – ep 5

Does anyone else feel the bird imagery is getting a bit too much at this point? They’re literally forcing it down our throats and I’m not a fan of that at all. Aside from that, it was interesting to see Sora get shut down and then recover from it at the end. I have to say their opponents are playing pretty well but I do feel the match is starting to drag. It’s hard to believe there’s still two quarters left to play. Hopefully the game will pick up and end soon. Anymore dragging out and it the match could get boring to watch.

Babylon coverBabylon – ep 4

Things are moving fast with the investigation but Itsuki is still far out of reach. The rules for the election does change the table round and it’s one that leaves you with a bad feeling as was the video with the little boy. Suicide is such a slippery subject to begin with but to make a law out of it? That’s even more slippery and controversial. The clock is ticking and I’m intrigue to see how far this team can go in tracking down Itsuki and Magase and, trying to arrest them.

Hoshiai no Sora coverHoshiai no Sora – ep 4

It’s nice to see the club starting to come together. The matches this week were fun to watch and it seems like the new pairs are working a lot better. It was also nice to the adviser do something for the club by setting up a practice match. I’m not sure what happened in his past, but his way of thinking isn’t exactly wrong. It’s just a way that comes into conflict when students actually want results from their club. Also, Maki’s father turned up again. It looks like Maki has some sort of trauma surrounding his father from when he was little which is intriguing. I do wonder what he’ll do now that his racket is broken.

No Guns Life coverNo Guns Life – ep 4

Was not expecting Juuzo to let Tetsuro pull the trigger this early on in the show but it did stop Ende in her tracks and from the looks of the ending, has gotten him into trouble as well. Tetsuro is an interesting kid. I hope he gets more powerful because he has potential to be Juuzo’s partner and someone worthy of that trigger but he has to put in that effort. It’ll be interesting to see their life on the run because they make a pretty good pair that’s for sure!










  1. “Does anyone else feel the bird imagery is getting a bit too much at this point? They’re literally forcing it down our throats and I’m not a fan of that at all.”

    OMG, those were my exact thoughts whilst watching! Bird imagery is very common in sports anime and even anime in general so having Ahiru No Sora constantly display it feels (tortorously) repetitive rather than inspirational and meaningful.

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  2. I’m not sure yet what I think of Ahiru no Sora. The bird motif doesn’t bother me, but mostly because I find it easy to ignore as this show’s gimmick. I low-key dislike the macho mood of the show, and while I don’t hate any of the characters, I don’t like any either (with the exception of Sora’s mum, who’s awesome). On the other hand, it’s still quite entertaining, but in a very sports-show kind of way. It feels like the show I usually drop around the 7 episode mark, because I can’t see myself watching it for two cours straight. But it’s too early to tell.

    I’m not watching Babylon, but that’s mostly because 3 episodes dropped all at once, and when you have that many premiers to watch, three episodes of the same show feel like a lot. I’m not sure whether I should watch it; people with a taste close to mine are split down the middle, with some liking it and others not so much. Maybe I’ll binge it some time?

    Hoshiai no Sora is my favourite show of the season. Maki’s dad makes me furious, and I don’t usually get angry at fiction. I think it’s because these kids actually feel like kids; anime kids often feel like some kind of simulation program. With regards to the broken racket… there’s been some foreshadowing. When we first saw Maki’s dad, the scene ended with a shot of the racket. Now, meanwhile we’ve seen Maki integrate with the club, seen the other kid smash a bully over the head with racket,etc. A lot of kids in that club have issues. Then we’ve seen Toma stand up to the guys who bullied one of the meek club members, and the secondary bully being scared of him. I feel that’s sort of important here. And the manga-drawing girl lives in the same building… Now that the racket’s demolished, it’s not inconceivable things get out with the club. I’ve been saying from episode one that I fear that Toma’s going to club Maki’s dad to death with a soft-tennis racket. Well, that’s actually hyperbole, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Toma’s going to get violent.

    I didn’t actually expect to like No Guns Life, and almost didn’t watch it, but it’s great fun. I’m glad I gave it a chance. It’s got that good old cheesy noir feel to it, just like 80ies Cyberpunk. Also Juuzo’s chibi looks exactly like the Chibi of Alfonse from FMA. I’m also surprisingly fond of the characters.

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    • Ahiru no Sora has a weird thing going on with the sports but thug characters. It’s interesting but very much a sports anime so I’ll probably watch this one and enjoy it since I enjoy sports anime in general.

      Ahh yeah when the three eps dropped at once, I didn’t know what to do. It is too much. It think it will be a good binge watch though. Great story I’d say. I’m enjoying it.

      Agreed! Hoshia is my fave as well. Yeah there’s no way I can sum up my thoughts in a roundup hence I just state my feelings. But yeah there’s been a lot of foreshadowing in this show and a lot of genuine situations and emotions.

      Same here. No Guns Life was a reall coin toss for me but I ended up liking it and surprised myself.


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