Weekly Roundup: Autumn 2019 – Week 6

Hi guys! Can’t believe we’re already half way through this season! Time sure is going by quickly that it’s kind of scary!


Ahiru no Sora coverAhiru no Sora – ep 7

The introduction of the new character should be fun since he’s already started stirring up trouble. Does he remind anyone of Haizaki or is that just me? Anyways, the change in the others to want to practice seems natural enough after the lost the match but them refraining from fighting? If they manage that, I’ll be surprised. We also got a lot of info about Sora’s mother and his past and whilst he has quite the backstory, his mother’s illness is just a plot device. Still, Sora is the most interesting character from the bunch but that might change with this new character.

Babylon coverBabylon – ep 6

Well that took a lot of unexpected turns. For one thing, I did not expect Zen to suggest kidnapping Itsuki. It’s interesting to see the people who enact the law going against it. Then there was the election debate which completely backfired at the end because Taiyo ended up being Itsuki’s son. I was not expecting that at all. I do wonder how this will change the election results. I’m still unsure about this proposed suicide law because with every episode, what it stands for keeps changing. It’s unclear what the law is meant to do. I wish it was made clearer as to what the law entails unless this ambiguity is supposed to be part of the problem surrounding this law. We’ll see what happens with the kidnapping next time but I’m not sure if that’s a good move.

Hoshiai no Sora coverHoshiai no Sora – ep 6

It’s refreshing to see so many short matches in one episode than see a match extend over so many episodes. In all honesty, seeing all the full matches save one in this episode worked well. They weren’t all shown in their entirety but it did a pretty good job at showcasing what each pair was capable of and where there is room for growth. With Maki and Toma, I expected the match to be longer so the cliff-hanger worked well. I do wonder how they plan to win at least one game against an ace pair that is really good.

No Guns Life coverNo Guns Life – ep 5

Not having Tetsuro around for an entire episode felt kind of refreshing. Seeing Juuzo just do his thing as he tries to bring down this former war Extended. I quite liked seeing him go about his investigation and work with Cronen on the way which was unexpected. Honestly, having Cronen attack Juuzo felt more normal than the two working together. Other than that Mega-Armed Tokisada looked like quite the comic character who I couldn’t take seriously but his opponent looks promising. This Extended seems like he’s not just gone berserk and I’m interested to see if Juuzo and Cronen can catch him before he kills Tokisada.









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