Weekly Roundup: Autumn 2019 – Week 7

Hi guys! Well I’m officially entering assessment season so I’ll be in stress mode until January now! I have to question who thought December-January should be assessment period. Like I don’t want to be stressed out over the holidays. Anyways, expect delays in certain posts but I will try and keep up with anime because it is the one thing I can do to relax! 🙂

Ahiru no Sora coverAhiru no Sora – ep 8

This show is literally trying to make all the characters look horrible at first and then give them a reason for their behaviour. I’m not sure it’s working all that effectively if I’m honest. Natsume was made out to be the troublemaker with his constant fighting last episode and this episode and then we get the whole insight into his relationship with his sister. That does not excuse his violence so I’m not quite sure what this episode was getting at. I’m beginning to wish the violence was done away with altogether so we can move on and concentrate on the basketball instead.

Babylon coverBabylon – ep 7

That was intense! The second half of the episode completely dominated the first half with Magase and her actions. What a massacre she committed and I’m not fully sure what her motive was. She literally broke Zen in this episode and he has lost every person close to him save his wife and son and I can only hope they survive. I feel sorry for Zen since he is being taken on quite the psychological and emotional ride. Let’s hope this doesn’t completely shatter him by the end of it.

Hoshiai no Sora coverHoshiai no Sora – ep 7

Maki and Toma’s match was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be and it just went to show how important trust and teamwork is in a sport like this. I think the sport aspect was handled well. The barbecue was a nice break from everything as well and it also showcased Toma’s lack of social skills. However, it feels like the show is now at an imbalance in terms of the sports and family themes it had going initially. The family problems have not surfaced at all and everything seems pretty normal when we know that’s not the case from past episodes.

No Guns Life coverNo Guns Life – ep 7

Looks like there’s more to Gondry than meets the eye and Armed does not want to let that out at all. This show does have some great elements but I’m beginning to think it has too much going on in a sense. Tetsuro has taken a backseat, two new characters were briefly introduced, with one looking like Juuzo and the other can use some version of Harmony and now Armed is ready to fight over something that happened in the past that must be kept a secret. That’s one too many threads and I’m beginning to wonder if this show will be able to handle it all satisfactorily.










    • I’m glad you’re enjoying them! 😊 I have mixed feeling for Ahiru no sora but I think once it settles, it will be oretty good. Hoshiai no Sora I’m thoroughly enjoying as well! 😊


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