Anime Advent 2019 – Day 1

Day 1 – Looking Back at My Goals for 2019!

Oh boy, I know I did bad with my goals this year so this will be interesting.

The goals I set for this year were:

For the blog:

  • Get back into episodic reviews
  • Do some “30-day challenge” posts (if you guys have any good ones, please let me know!)

Outside the blog:

  • Finish reading the books on my shelf (that’s about 9 books and the new manga I received on my birthday)
  • Watch at least three shows from my ever growing anime list. They have to be at least 12 episodes long. This will be a challenge since I haven’t seen nor touched my list in a long time.

Did I meet them?

Well it’s sort of 50-50 really.

For the Blog:

I didn’t get back into episodic reviews because I had too busy a year to actually sit down and write them for a whole anime so that’s a no no.

But I did do “30-Day Challenges”. By this point, I’ve done quite a few! I’ve completed:

I know I did most of them back to back but I did complete a lot of them! In a way, this Anime Advent is a 25 Day Challenge so in a way this counts as well!

Outside the Blog:

So I didn’t actually finish reading all the books on my shelf. Instead, I bought more books. That being said, I did read a lot this year so in a way I did complete my shelf but it doesn’t feel that way because I bought more books. So I guess I did do this one, and I didn’t?

From my watch list, I did watch two shows: Assassination Classroom and Black Jack so that’s something. Black Jack was way longer than 12 episodes so I guess that can count as two shows no? I think I did a good job getting round to watching that because it had been on my watch list forever!

assassination classroom cover        black jack cover

What Have I learnt From This?

I’m not very good at achieving things if I tell myself to do it. That’s something I’ve learnt this year. I’d rather do things spontaneously than set myself targets that need completing since that just puts me off from doing things.


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