Weekly Roundup: Autumn 2019 – Week 8

Hi guys! Can’t believe it’s already week 8! I have been enjoying what anime I can get to watch but I think I’ll only be watching these four for the rest of the season because I have one month to write three essays. Hopefully I can get everything done by the deadlines and still have time to watch some anime here and there!

Ahiru no Sora coverAhiru no Sora – ep 9

This episode felt like collection of small events that weren’t big enough to create one full episode. It just didn’t flow very well. I liked that we have all the core members now and the advisor in on board and can see how hard they’re working. Seeing the practice match was nice as well as it got the ball rolling on what the team really need to do to get far in the upcoming tournament. I just wish the episode was a bit more cohesive rather than patchy.

Babylon coverBabylon – ep 8

Did not air





Hoshiai no Sora coverHoshiai no Sora – ep 8

I applaud this episode for the conversation that was had regarding gender! I believe this is the first anime I’ve watched where such a conversation took place and that too in a normal setting without any stigmatisation of the topic. It was handled well and thoughtfully and I really appreciate that. This for me, was the crux of the episode and everything else mattered little to me but I will say, it’s nice to Mitsue start to confront her own problems whilst watching the boys grow. I’m looking forward to seeing the home life-sport life balance return because that gives this show a unique twist that I quite like.

No Guns Life coverNo Guns Life – ep 8

Wow. Did not expect Juuzo to go berserk the way he did! Just goes to show how important those cigarettes are for him. I’m glad Tetsuro and Olivier made it in time and snapped him out of it otherwise things could have gotten quite messy. Also, I’m intrigued by berühren and the two characters that popped up again this week. I’m guessing they work for berühren but it’s interesting to see just how much influence this one company has over everything and exactly who Juuzo’s enemy is.









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