Anime Advent 2019 – Day 8

Day 8 – Manga I Started in 2019 that I enjoyed/am enjoying 

Well I tend not to read a lot of manga so I only started reading two manga’s, both of which I really enjoyed.

say i love you.jpgI started reading and finished Say I Love You and have volumes 3-6 at home. I had watched the anime and quite liked it so I gave the manga a go and it turned out to be quite good! I hope I can get my hands on volumes 1 and 2 because it looks weird not having them on my shelves.  



wotakoiI read the first three volumes of Wotakoi which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have all three volumes at home and they’re so beautiful! I can’t wait for more to come out! I watched the anime first before I was introduced to the manga by a friend and read it all pretty much back to back. I’m lucky that my local Forbidden Planet had all three volumes when I went to have a look and I was able to buy all three!  

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