First Impressions: Somali and the Forest Spirit

Somali and the forsest spiritSomali and the Forest Spirit is one anime I’m most definitely going to enjoy this season! It’s one of those anime which explores a relationship in a very chill context and I quite like watching anime that takes no effort and are simply enjoyable.  

I really liked how Somali met Golem. In a world where humans were hunted and are now treated like slaves by the other species, it’s nice to see Golem protecting Somali and find a place where he can be with other humans and be safe. The fact that he left the forest and his duty to the forest to help out Somali is so cute! He may say he has no emotions, but that gesture along with his protectiveness over Somali suggests otherwise.  

Somali and Golem.JPG

Their relationship as father and child is also quite interesting. Golem is quite the father, or at least he is trying his best. He understands that Somali relies on him and that he must teach Somali whatever he can on this journey they are on. Again, this hints at a more emotive character than Golem actually thinks he is. And then there’s Somali who is just adorable! I love how he runs off chasing butterflies and cats That’s so cute! His desire to hold Golem’s hand but being unable to ask was also quite cute but it does show where there relationship is currently at. Somali does not want to make any demands maybe because he doesn’t want to burden Golem. So, when Golem suggested they hold hands, it made Somali happy and it’s just really cute. Golem may just be copying the actions of the people he saw in the city but it is also an act of kindness and protectiveness that parents do have over their children.  


I’m excited to see where Somali and Golem’s journey takes them. The cracks on Golem’s arm did leave me kind of sad because it does suggest he doesn’t have all that long left. Still, the art in this anime is beautiful and it has a really nice atmosphere to it and I think their journey will be fun to watch but, I just hope it doesn’t make me cry towards the end.  


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