Celebrating Haikyu – The importance of Music/Soundtrack

Today’s Prompt: The importance of (pick anything to write about. This could be one of the metaphors in the show, a theme, literally anything you think is important)

My chosen topic: Music/Soundtrack

There are a lot of things that make Haikyu what it is and I could’ve probably spent this month talking about each of those things but I chose not to do that. Instead, I decided to just pick one of those things – music – and briefly explain its importance to the anime.

When I think of Haikyu, my mind will immediately start singing one of the openings. All the openings and endings to Haikyu are quite unique and have lyrics that fit that segment of the anime pretty well. Of course, one of these songs will be explained at a later date in a different post but to give you an idea, take the first opening by Spyair, Imagination. The lyrics very much fit the starting of the anime where the team are just coming together, taking up new challenges and creating new techniques. The song sums this up pretty well and this first segment of the anime is all about preparing to make what the boys had imagined a reality – to win and go to the nationals.

Not only do the openings and endings work really well for the anime, but so do the rest of the soundtrack. The music is perfect for every moment. It’s intense when it needs to be, emotional when emotions are running high, quite when nerves are present. Even the thumping of their nervous heartbeats is captured pretty well by the music and it adds another level of viewer interaction to the anime because the music helps the audience feel the emotions the characters are feeling. I’m not sure how many sports anime have made me as nervous as the characters on screen or actually scream at my screen like the bystanders watching the match.

Whilst the story is great for Haikyu and as are the characters, credit should also be given to the soundtrack because it is just something else. It really makes you feel like you are there with them in that moment and I absolutely love that.



  1. Haikyuu’s soundtrack is one of my favorite out there! It can get you really riled up for a match or bring you to tears. I’ve always loved Hayashi’s compositions but his work on Haikyuu is my favorite! It’s a hard decision to make since he also composed You Say Run and great others…

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