Celebrating Haikyu – If you were a player in Haikyu…

Today’s Prompt: If you were a player in Haikyu, what position and team would you play for?

I guess I can’t get away with saying “townsperson b” for this one.

karasuno girls team.png

I think I’d play a libero that way I can actually use one skill and sharpen it to its limit. Plus, if P.E taught me anything, I’d say I’m pretty good at playing defensive rather than attacking positions and receiving was always my strong point anyways so I guess I’d play a libero. I don’t think I’d be as great as Nishinoya though! For the team, let’s see I’d probably want to play on the girls team for Karasuno. They didn’t make much of an appearance but I quite like them.

What position would you guys play?



  1. When I played volleyball in school, I was really competitive amongst my classmmates but my problem was I was too short (and still am lol) to even touch the top of the net! I don’t have the high hops like Hinata so spiking was way out of the question. Thus, I received all the time and loved it (I sucked at setting lol). If I had to choose a position in volleyball now, I’d also go for Libero just to satisfy all that receiving I did as a child haha.

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    • Oh wow 😮 That’s quite the story! I’m quite short as well so I doubt I’d be able to reach the top of the net either 😂 but libero is a great position so high five on that 🙌🙌

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