Weekly Roundup: Winter 2020 – Week 5

Hi guys! We’re nearing the half way mark for the season! I’m enjoying everything I’m watching and am quite intrigued by the story that’s emerging in Hanako-kun. Can’t wait to see what happens!  

Number 24

Number 24 – ep 5

As expected, I really enjoyed this episode because we got to watch Yasunari grow as a character. It was in a short space of time but we did learn a lot about him and his insecurities. It was interesting to see how Natsusa chose to train him whilst bullying him at the same time. It added a bit of humour to the whole thing.  


Somali and the forsest spirit.jpg

Somali and the Forest Spirit – ep 5

I quite liked Uzui and Haitora because in a way they resemble Golem and Somali. It’s just in their case Haitora, who is human, has a condition where he seems to be growing feathers that’s killing him. It’s just sad that Golem and Somali’s meeting with them turned out to be dangerous because in an attempt to save Haitora, Uzui wants to kill Somali. She’s about to lose someone close to her and that’s driving her to do extreme things, things that Haitora does not want. I do wonder, if Somali would react in a similar way if she knew Golem’s condition.  

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun – ep 5

Ooo some interesting developments here! Nene’s desire to learn more about Hanako could land her in some serious trouble since the girl with the green hair doesn’t seem to be up to any good. Also, is it me, or was the Hanako kun shown at the end of the episode a different Hanako?   


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