Episodic Impressions: The Case Files of Jeweller Richard – Ep. 5

Housekisho Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei

The story in this episode was quite interesting. I liked having someone from Seigi’s past make an appearance and exploring how that affected him.  

Seigi really idolised his senpai to a degree where he seemed flawless. I think that’s just something we all do with people that we looked up to as kids. They become this superior being in memory and we can’t see past their brilliance. That idolisation is a double-edged sword because whilst it helps us at times, it also reduces the person to nothing more than that memory so, when they change, it hurts us more than we realise. This is why I really enjoyed this episode.  

Seigi 2

Seigi’s idolisation of his senpai really came back to bite him. Meeting him again, Seigi felt his senpai was the same person back from middle school who was so cool but he had changed. Needing to support his family, he gave up his education for work and began working. However, because of the way Seigi looked up to him, he lied about the job he had and the people he encountered all to keep this façade going. In a way that helped him forget the difficulties of his reality. 


It’s when he brings the opal for appraisal to the shop that we see he isn’t who Seigi thought he was. Whether he stole the opal or not, it was wrong for him to take it considering the woman who gave it to him was old and had dementia. He should have let her family know right away, if it was gifted to him, but he failed to do that and instead chose to try and sell it. I liked that he returned it at the end. At least there was still that much decency left in him. What this goes to show is a blast from the past isn’t always what it’s made out to be because people change over time but our perception of the past doesn’t which can result in disappointment.  

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