Episodic Impressions: Smile Down the Runway – Ep. 5

Runway de Waratte

I was surprised that this episode didn’t deal with the ending of the last episode. I really wanted to hear Hajime’s reply to Amano but instead, all of that was left in the past as this episode concentrated on the fashion exhibition thing at the university which Ikuto has entered.  

Kokoro 1

Whilst the shift was weird, I did like how the episode built on Kokoro’s character. She has appeared in the previous two episodes but she didn’t leave much of an impression so it was nice to learn more about her. Turns out she’s a model who now wants to be a designer. Her manager does come to get her in quite an antagonistic way claiming Kokoro has no talent in designing and should return to the modelling world because what she’s doing disrespects people who truly want to be designers. However, it turns out that’s not true. Kokoro is putting in a lot of effort into her designing work and is trying her best to learn everything she can. Her room is proof of that. I’d say rather than her being disrespectful, it was her manager who was disrespectful to all the hard work she’s put in.  

Kokoro's room

I’m glad Ikuto was able to encourage her. It’s kind of nice seeing him encourage someone else rather than be encouraged himself. Of course, in the end, he did need Chiyuki’s help. For the prelim round, the designers were asked to design something for Sara, the top model in Japan and Ikuto basically gets a design block. He thinks he has an idea but realises it wont work so he goes to Chiyuki; the only person he knows he can rely on to tell him more about Sara. Chiyuki not only shows Ikuto videos of Sara in talk shows and on the runway, but also shows him her walk and her exercise regime. She’s able to explain what makes Sara such a good model and why she looks up to her. Ikuto does leave with a design idea in mind so that’s something. Hopefully we’ll get to see what he makes soon and find out how Hajime replied to Amano.  

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