Episodic Impressions: ID: INVADED – Ep. 7

ID INVADEDLeaving the inception like scene for a second, let’s talk about Hondomachi as Hijidiro and the identity of John Walker.  


First off Hijidiro is quite the cold detective I felt. Aside from her being the only one with a first name (I wonder why that is), she is very different to Sakaido. He was always invested in trying to save the people alive within the well and actively moved to do so. Hijidiro does not see that as part of her job. She told Narihisago’s daughter that it’s not her job to save them. She gave them the relevant information to keep themselves alive and save others if they want to but that isn’t her job. I think this type of thinking is logical but it’s also very cold. It lacks a level of emotion and sympathy that Sakaido was able to display. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see.  


Then there’s the idea of John Walker. I don’t for a second believe Momoki is John Walker. That just feels too simple. They found a lot of condemning evidence including the body of the Id well creator, John Walker’s attire and stuff on his computer but I just can’t see him being John Walker. Why would Momoki, who was and probably still is Narihisago’s best friend, create a killer that killed Narihisagi’s daughter? And why would he clearly look so pained seeing Narihisago and his family within the Id well? It just doesn’t make sense. Plus considering this show is all about murder mysteries, I doubt the killer would be found so easily. Someone’s clearly framed him. I do think it will be Narihisago diving into Momoki’s Id well when it’s created because that just makes sense in my head.  


  1. That’s providing they can create an ID Well for Momoki. If he’s innocent, they’ll struggle to find an intent to kill, unless of course they fabricate it or find some way to push his buttons. It’s going to be interesting and not least because Hondomachi is in a Well within a Well!

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    • That’s true. I feel like they’ll get a hold of it somehow or the other. And agreed! Both the plot lines are so intriguing that I can’t wait for the next episode and whatever it holds.

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