Episodic Impressions: Say I Love You – ep 6

say i love youThere’s finally a problem in the air that might actually have some depth. Megumi’s character might just get the attention that Aiko’s character didn’t.

I don’t like Megumi all that much because her attitude screams fake. She likes to be the centre of attention and anything below that isn’t acceptable for her which is why I feel she doesn’t truly love Yamato; she just wants the attention. I mean she literally tells him she doesn’t care if he has a girlfriend as long as she gets to walk by his side. That tells me we have another character who doesn’t realise how much she’s truly worth and is willing to go to any means to show her worthiness. It’s sad really and explains why she’s okay with what she’s doing.


Her asking Yamato to model for one day sounds innocent enough on the surface but it also means she’ll be taking Yamato away from Mei. Even though Mei agrees to let him go for a meeting when they usually walk home together, she isn’t happy with her decision. I guess she just wants to support Yamato because this is quite an opportunity for him but that doesn’t mean she likes the idea of it.

This comes through quite clearly during the shoot where Megumi and Yamato looked like a couple because that was the scenario. However, comments like “they look really good together” coming from people at the agency and even Nakanishi, causes Mei to sink, essentially, into a black hole. She had no self-confidence to begin with so what is she supposed to do and feel now that she has a rival who surpasses her in her beauty and looks naturally good when standing next to Yamato? They’re a good couple so where does Mei stand in all of this?


Mei is unable to voice her worries and anxieties to anyone and instead just puts on a front. It does crumble during the shoot when she ends up crying. Mei seems to fade into the background with the dazzling presence of Megumi taking over.



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