Anime Quote of the Week

Hi guys! 

For this week, I went with a quote from Angel Beats. That anime made me cry so much, especially this scene:

Angel Beats quote


  1. […] Keiko – For those who don’t know, Keiko is the Tag Post Queen. So you definitely don’t have to respond to this one Keiko, I know that you already deal with the lion’s share of nominations on WordPress! I’m not following any seasonal anime right now but I love how you manage to keep your posts so short! Even your tag post responses are very concise. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s amazing. […]

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  2. The 2nd or 3rd best moment in the anime depending on how you rank Otonashi and Tenshi’s final scene before she vanishes. The best is unquestionably the post-credits of the final episode.

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