Episodic Impressions: Smile Down the Runway – Ep. 6

Runway de WaratteThis episode was split into two distinct sections with the first about Ikuto and the second about Chiyuki. It wasn’t a bad episode but I was questioning certain aspects of the episode especially in the first half.

The big reveal of Ikuto’s design was underwhelming to say the least. Sure beauty and fashion is subjective but pyjamas that look like a clown’s outfit? Did anybody find that fashionable? I liked the concept behind the design that Sara likes to fashionable at all times but has never posed in pyjamas before. The incorporation of stripes, a design she likes, was also a good move. I’m just not sure if rainbow coloured stripes on blue pyjamas was the best choice. Also, jumping him straight to the final round on that design? It seems like things are really smooth sailing for him especially since Amano offers a way Ikuto could make more money.

Ikuto's design

One thing Amano was right about was that Ikuto was stingy with his material. Ikuto had his reasons but really, personal life should never mix into your work life and that’s true with any profession. Ikuto let his personal life influence the fabrics he picked which meant he didn’t make the best he could have. In the finals he will need to make more clothes and he won’t be able to be stingy with the material to save a few cents here and there. In that sense, Amano’s proposal came at the right time but I also think Amano was being quite manipulative there. He pointed out Ikuto’s flaws and then offered him an opportunity, one he knew full well Ikuto couldn’t refuse since he needs the money. I do wonder though, what Amano’s end goal here is and what Hajime will have to say about this.


Then there’s Chiyuki’s section of the episode. She’s basically putting in her all to try and find work for herself. It’s her job to find modelling jobs for herself so she creates her portfolio and whatnot and applies. It’s interesting that she gets rejected by every place she applied to mainly because she’s too short. It’s a harsh world but I’m glad that didn’t put Chiyuki off. Plus, she did look good in those photos which means she can do the job if given the chance. It does lead up to her landing something even if she isn’t the star of the shoot. It’s a good chance for her to show off what she can do which may benefit her later down the line.



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