Weekly Roundup: Winter 2020 – Week 7

Hi guys! February’s almost over which also means we’re on the downward for most anime this season. It’ll be interesting to see how these anime end! 

Number 24

Number 24 – ep 7

I honestly thought they’d show us the full match so it’s a shame they didn’t but then again, the focus of this anime is not on the sports element.  By the end of the episode, they had lost the match with one player getting injured during the game. To top it off, Seiichiro tells Natsusa to longer come to the games because he can’t score if Natsusa is there. Well, that’ll definitely be a blow to Natsusa! I feel like things happened this episode with the characters but I wish we’d got to see more of the game to showcase just what the opponents were like.  

Somali and the forsest spirit.jpg

Somali and the Forest Spirit – ep 7

I quite liked the town Somali and Golem were in this episode. The library and the witches were amazing and the monster thing they fought was quite something as well. It’s interesting that a human chronicle does exist and may hold the answers Golem and Somali seek. Whether these answers will enlighten Somali is a whole different question. For now, I’m more worried about Golem. His arm took some serious damage which makes me wonder, if he gets damaged like that, what does it mean for his already short lifespan?  

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun – ep 7

Ooo so it’s not another Hanako but Hanako’s brother that we’ve seen glimpses of before! I can’t imagine what went down between these two or if Hanako actually killed him but it’s questions like these that keep me intrigued. The new ghost this week didn’t get a lot of time and the ending of the episode felt awkward at best. I do wonder who this new ghost is and what problems that will cause if any.  



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