30 Day Reading Challenge – Day 1

Hi guys! It’s the first day of the challenge! I’m really excited for this challenge since I’ve not really talked that much about my love for reading. Hope you guys enjoy the posts! 

30 Day Reading Challenge

1- Favourite Novel of All Time

Bleak House cover

Ooo this is a hard one since there are so many novels that I really love. I think I’ll go with Bleak House by Charles Dickens for this one. I’ve read the novel twice and loved it both times. I just love the way it’s written and the story it tells. The characters are all intertwined in this beautiful web that just becomes tighter and tighter as the novel goes on with this Chancery Suit forever looming above them. I love the way it blends comedy with the serious elements and Dickens’s commentary throughout the novel is some of my favourite. 


  1. Reminds me that I really need to read more Dickens. Also, you consistently have the best 30 Day challenges. You’re really tempting me to get back to regular blogging with something like this!

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    • Ooo you definitely should! 🙂
      Awh thanks! I try lol :’) It’s definitely a great way to get back into blogging and plus they’re quite easy to write and schedule. 🙂

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