Weekly Roundup: Winter 2020 – Week 9

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been kind of silent this week. Just a lot going on in life but things should be back to normal soon! 🙂 

Number 24

Number 24 – ep 9

A filler episode that was basically naked guys in a hot spring. Honestly, I have nothing to say about this episode. Nothing of interest happened in the episode so I found it pretty boring to watch. 



Somali and the forsest spirit.jpg

Somali and the Forest Spirit – ep 9

This was such a cute episode! Somali going through her first ever tooth loss was really cute! Her avoiding sugar and Golem’s slight panic when he saw she lost a tooth was just utterly adorable! Seeing Golem act like a father and actually say himself that meeting Somali changed him was also quite something. I really liked how this episode showed how much he cares about her and I know this will make it harder when he has to leave her but for now, I am satisfied enjoying their cute moments together.  

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun – ep 9

I have to say, Nene’s cluelessness really gives this show the kind of humour I like. I really liked the way this episode was funny but at the same time had this dread to it. Tsukasa is one scary character because unlike Hanako, I can’t tell what he’s really thinking. Anyone can tell Hanako is a nice guy but there’s something seriously wrong with Tsukasa especially with him trapping Nene and those bloodstains at the end of the episode.  

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