30 Day Reading Challenge – Day 11

Hi guys! It’s another day of the Reading Challenge!  

30 Day Reading Challenge

11- Favourite Quote from Your Favourite Author 

So this may come across as a strange quote but it’s what got me so into Victorian psychology in relation to ghosts. To give you guys context, Dickens wrote this in his review of Catherine Crowe’s The Night Side of Nature in a newspaper called The Examiner. In the review, he provides, what I take to be a brilliant way of describing what a ghost is before he goes on to explain one state of mind a person can be in when he sees a ghost. 

The way he describes a ghost is as follows. It’s a brilliant quote all on it’s own: 

They always elude us. doubtful and scant of proof at first, doubtful and scant of proof still, all mankind’s experience of them is, that their alleged appearance has been, in all ages, marvellous, exceptional, and resting on imperfect grounds of proof.

And this is what he has to say about the state when ghosts can be seen:

… but there is a middle state between sleeping and waking, and which is not either. When impressions, though false, are extraordinarily strong, and when the individual not asleep, is, most distinctly not awake. 

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