30 Day Reading Challenge – Day 18

Hi guys! It’s another day of the Reading Challenge!  

30 Day Reading Challenge

18- Favourite Anthology

A few come to mind for this one so here they are:

the oxford book of victorian ghost stories cover

Anthology of Short Stories: 

The Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories

This is a great collection of ghost stories by Victorian authors. It has some well known ghost stories but also some that are less known. I think it’s a great collection to start with when diving into ghost stories since there were so many that came out of the period. 


Selected Poems by Tennyson coverComplete Poems by Rossetti coverAnthology of Poetry:

Selected Poems: Tennyson

This collection of Tennyson’s work is amazing. I loved reading some of his works from this collection. 

The Complete Poems: Rossetti 

I quite enjoy reading Rossetti’s poetry. It’s interesting to see how she discusses the themes in her poems and how they can hold multiple meanings. Really enjoyed this collection. 


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