Episodic Impressions: ID: INVADED – Ep. 11

ID INVADEDAnyone else kind of left disappointed by John Walker’s true identity? I don’t know, having the Chief be John Walker felt like a let down for me. I don’t know what I was hoping for but it definitely wasn’t that.


Be that as it may, it is interesting to think about because the man tasked with handling the force that brings these murders to justice is actually inciting these crimes. It provides a good explanation as to why Narihisago was caught up in everything. His daughter wasn’t just any victim of the Challenger but probably a specifically picked one in order to get rid of Narihisago. Something tells me the Chief wanted to get rid of him and in the end blame Momoki to avoid detection. He obviously didn’t want to be caught at all. With that, it does feel like Hondomachi would have been next in the line of things considering she could have, and in the end did, solve the whole thing albeit with Narihisago’s help.


Then there is The Perforator who reveals some interesting things. It turns out he has arithmomania and drilled a hole into his head in order to kill himself and stop himself from constantly counting. The first attempt failed and John Walker latched on to him. It’s interesting because The Perforator really wasn’t interested in Kiki Asukai’s dreams yet meeting John Walker in his dream did lead him to killing others. The episode does imply that had Walker not interfered, The Perforator would have taken a second shot at killing himself rather than others. This begs the question is the other murderers were the same. Did John Walker cause them to kill others when that could have been totally avoided or would they have committed murder without his help? Whatever the case, it’s an interesting thought.

Askukai Kiki

Asukai Kiki, it turns out, is also a real person and her dreams were real. Somehow, the Chief has kept her hidden away this whole time and as we find out at the end of the episode, has decided to use her like a weapon now that everyone knows his identity. Somehow, Asukai Kiki, the Chief and the Wells are all linked so it’ll be interesting to see how this goes down in the real world.


  1. I think John Walker didn’t take too kindly to the Challenger trying to kill Kiki in real life and that’s what caused him to make him kill Narihisago’s daughter, knowing that Narihisago would kill the Challenger. It doesn’t feel like any of these was chance and the Chief has been orchestrating everything.

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