Weekly Roundup: Winter 2020 – Week 12

Hi guys! Here is the roundup for the last week. I’m kind of sad for this season to end but I’m looking forward to the next season! I still have a fair amount of content to put out in terms of episode reviews which will come out in the coming weeks so I wont be fully saying goodbye to this season just yet. 

Somali and the forsest spirit.jpg

Somali and the Forest Spirit – ep 12

This episode had me scared for a minute but I’m Golem is still alive and he and Somali can continue on their journey. His humanity continued to grow throughout the show and it was quite effective seeing him embrace and acknowledge that in this episode. This show was a fun and emotional ride and I’m just glad I left it smiling rather than crying.


Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun – ep 12

I hope there is a second season because this can’t end like this. The whole mermaid issue was a nice way to go back to episode one, making this season cyclical, but it didn’t end the conflict it began which meant this didn’t feel like an ending at all. There were just too many strings left untied and I really want to know the conclusion to Mitsuba’s story so here’s hoping to a season two!

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