Episodic Impressions: Smile Down the Runway – Ep. 10

Runway de WaratteWe finally got to see Ikuto’s collection! I quite liked the way his collection was influenced by what’s important to him but I wish we’d gotten to see each piece properly.

The Geika Festival didn’t exactly feel like a festival than it did a runway but then again what was I expecting. The judges were there as was Ikuto’s family and the two managers we’ve met over the course of the anime. They gave the necessary commentary that was needed in understanding what the contestants displayed and their skills without which I’d probably be quite lost.


Before Ikuto’s show, Kaoru was up and I’m glad we got to see her show. She hasn’t exactly liked Ikuto from the beginning so this helped give a reason why and also show her skills as a designer. One could tell she was heavily influenced by Hajime with all the red but her own ideas were coming through as well. I quite liked the idea of playing with materials in a kimono. I just wish I could tell it was leather for myself rather than having to be told that.

Ikuto's show

This was then followed by Ikuto’s show which was something. You can tell how far he’d come from his first design for Chiyuki. I really liked how he used blue, the song, bow and finally the last outfit, all of which were influenced by his family and fit his theme. Taking the unisex fashion theme and going around the world whilst showcasing traditional patterns and designs from each nation was quite the idea and I liked the way it played out. The last piece was subdued compared to the rest but it made a statement and I liked that. I kind of wish we got to see all the pieces properly.

Still, it was a good episode and I’m excited to see what Kokoro’s show looks like with Chiyuki as her model. Hopefully it’ll be a nice surprise.

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