First Impressions: Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls

TamayomiI don’t usually watch sports anime that revolve around female teams and I don’t know why that is. Most of the sports anime I watch and enjoy tend to have male characters. With that in mind, I thought I’d give Tamayomi a shot and honestly, I was disappointed.


The main problem I had was that none of the four characters introduced in this episode were interesting or had anything to make them stand out. Sure Yomi has that curve ball of hers which is something but other than that, I found nothing to draw me in.

Tamaki and Yomi

The whole idea of Yomi wanting to quit baseball was solved pretty quickly when Tamaki is introduced. The two are childhood friends who have reunited in highschool and it literally took no time for Tamaki and the other two girls to convince Yomi to continue playing. I felt the reunion between the two characters lacked any emotional depth that should have been there as did Yomi regaining her love for the sport. For me, things like that make sports anime more enjoyable. I look forward to the emotional payoffs and character developments. Unfortunately, this just started off on the wrong foot for me.

I’ll probably give this another episode because there is potential here. It’s clear the story will be about the battery but maybe it could be somewhat fun to watch. This episode points to the contrary but I’d like to hope something will change my mind.


  1. You were so nice to not dig in to the outdated animation in this first impression. I can almost overlook the rather bland opening, but the animation is killing me. I agree that the opening episode was rather disappointing, and not really effective. But like you, I’ll be following the series into the next episode (and probably to the end).

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    • Hahaha that’s true. It thought I’d leave that bit alone 😂
      Yeah it was rather disappointing. I thought it would have more going for it. Such a shame.
      High five! 🙌 I’ll see what it’s like next episode but if it’s like this episode, I will be dropping it :’)

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