First Impressions: Listeners

Listeners I thought Listeners would be about music. Oh how wrong I was. It has it’s good points and I’m sure people will enjoy it but it’s just not for me.

Echo’s character was interesting since he says he likes his job and where he lives and is satisfied when that clearly isn’t the case. By the end of the episode he is able to face that but he was in denial for majority of the episode. It was nice to see him accept what he truly wants – to work with Equipments and Players – by the end.


Then there’s the Player who Echo picked up at the garbage dumps who doesn’t remember her name let alone the fact she’s a player. It was quite difficult to understand what a player was until she fought the earless. I still don’t understand what the disaster was that supposedly happened years ago though. This anime sure has a unique naming sense to say the least. Anyways, I found the player to be more of an annoying character than expected. If I had to pick out what ticked me off, I can’t say. It’s her overall vibe that annoys me and I don’t know exactly why that is. If I watch more of the anime (which I won’t), I could probably give some sort of explanation for it.


However, as I said, this isn’t for me. Whilst I do find the premise interesting, I was also bored whilst watching. As I said, I’m sure people will enjoy this but it’s not my kind of thing. I don’t know I found myself on my phone more often than actually paying attention to what was going on. So, as you’ve guessed, I’m dropping this one.


  1. Not every show is for everyone… It’s “conditional keeper” for me as there’s so many ways for it to go wrong, and I wasn’t left with a warm fuzzy feeling that they intended to avoid them.

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