28 Day Shoujo Challenge

Hi guys! So for February, I wanted to do a “Shoujo Challenge” and unable to find one that would last all of February (i.e. 28 days), I created my own one! I have listed each day’s question and linked them to my answers. Feel free to take up this challenge if you want to! 🙂

28 Day Shoujo Challenge

  1. First Shoujo anime you watched
  2. All-time favourite shoujo anime
  3. Favourite male shoujo character
  4. Favourite female shoujo character
  5. Best shoujo kiss scene
  6. Favourite cliché shoujo scene
  7. Cutest shoujo couple
  8. An unpopular ship you support(ed)
  9. Worst shoujo anime
  10. Best side character
  11. Shoujo that you made me cry
  12. Shoujo character you want to be friends with
  13. Least favourite shoujo cliché scene
  14. Shoujo with a unique plot
  15. Weirdest shoujo you’ve watched
  16. Fluffiest and cutest shoujo
  17. Best shoujo villain
  18. Best confession scene
  19. A shoujo you wish was continued
  20. Most annoying character
  21. A heroine/hero you can relate to
  22. Name who you would kiss, marry, date
  23. A shoujo character you want to swap places with
  24. A shoujo that deserves more recognition
  25. What/who got you into shoujo
  26. Favourite shoujo OP
  27. Favourite shoujo ED
  28. Favourite shoujo soundtrack


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