30 Day Anime Challenge

Hi guys! So some time ago, I expressed an interest to do challenges on this blog and Lynn suggested I do the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Thank you for suggesting the challenge! You can find Lynn’s answers here

This challenge originated over on A Geeky Gal’s blog and you can find her answers here

30 Day Anime Challenge.png

  1. What was your very first anime?
  2. Who was your first anime crush?
  3. Do you prefer Subs or Dubs?
  4. What anime deserves more love?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure anime?
  6. What anime recommendation have you tried this year?
  7. Who or what was the most annoying anime character?
  8. What is your favourite anime so far?
  9. What anime series will you never watch?
  10. What anime destroyed you emotionally?
  11. Who is your favourite female anime character?
  12. Who is your favourite male anime character?
  13. Who is your favourite anime couple?
  14. What is your favourite anime opening or ending?
  15. What anime has the best soundtrack?
  16. What is the last anime you watched?
  17. What is an anime you want to watch but haven’t yet?
  18. What is the weirdest anime you enjoyed?
  19. What anime would make a great video game?
  20. What video game would make a great anime?
  21. Share your favourite anime quote!
  22. What anime has the saddest death scene?
  23. What anime do you wish never ended?
  24. What anime had a big emotional impact on you?
  25. What is your comfort anime?
  26. Who is your favourite anime villain?
  27. What anime character are you most like?
  28. What anime has the best fight scene?
  29. What anime scared the crap out of you?
  30. What anime did you think you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving?



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