30 Day Natsume Yuujinchou Challenge

Hi guys! I decided to make and do Natsume Challenge this month! I’ve listed all the questions for each day, and linked them to my answers below. Feel free to take up this challenge if you like! 🙂

30 Day Natsume Yuujinchou Challenge

  1. Favourite Male Character
  2. Favourite Female Character
  3. Least Favourite Male Character
  4. Least Favourite Female Character
  5. Favourite Youkai
  6. Least Favourite Youkai
  7. Favourite Exorcist
  8. Character You Can Relate To
  9. Favourite Side Character
  10. Favourite Episode
  11. Least Favourite Episode
  12. Favourite season
  13. Most Touching Scene
  14. Episode/Scene That Made You Cry
  15. Character You Thought You Wouldn’t Like but Ended Up Loving
  16. Character Who Grew on You
  17. Character You’d Like to Spend a Day With
  18. Favourite Friendship
  19. Favourite Place/Location
  20. Favourite Quote
  21. Favourite Ship
  22. Favourite Non-Youkai Moment
  23. Favourite Reiko Moment
  24. Favourite Nyanko Sensei Moment
  25. Favourite Moment with the Fujiwara’s
  26. Favourite Thing About Natsume Yuujinchou
  27. Favourite Opening
  28. Favourite Ending
  29. Least Favourite Opening
  30. Least Favourite Ending


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