Anime Advent 2019

Hi guys! Welcome to Anime Advent 2019! I’ve created an advent calendar where each little square is linked to a post for that given day. The post won’t be available until the given day so it will be a surprise! Whilst it is called “Anime Advent”, not all the posts will be about anime. Some of them will be about the blog and how this past year has been! 

It’s my first time creating something like this so any feedback on this would be welcome. I know the squares aren’t all that clear to see since they have no outline. I apologise for that! 

Anime Advent 1Anime Advent 2Anime Advent 3Anime Advent 4Anime Advent 5Anime Advent 6Anime Advent 7Anime Advent 8Anime Advent 9Anime Advent 10Anime Advent 11Anime Advent 12Anime Advent 13Anime Advent 14Anime Advent 15Anime Advent 16Anime Advent 17Anime Advent 18Anime Advent 19Anime Advent 20Anime Advent 21Anime Advent 22Anime Advent 23Anime Advent 24Anime Advent 25