Celebrating Haikyuu!!

Over the course of January 2020, I posted a selection of posts to celebrate the fourth season of Haikyuu!! as well as the five year anniversary. Below are the links to each of the posts I wrote.

How did you discover the Haikyu anime/manga?
Do you prefer the anime or the manga?
A character that inspires you
One thing Haikyu taught you
The importance of music/soundtrack
Who would be on your dream volleyball team?
If you were a player in Haikyu, what position and team would you play for?
Sorting Karasuno into Hogwarts houses
Write a haiku for Haikyu
Pick a team that doesn’t have an animal representing it. What animal would you pick for this team? 
Lyric breakdown of Haikyu Season 2 OP 2
Character that had the most satisfying growth over the last three seasons
Share your favourite moments from Haikyu