The Create-A-Story tag was TPAB’s idea that Leap and I helped out with. TPAB has given a full outline of what this tag is all about and how it works over on his blog so you can read all about it by following the link. 🙂

create a story tag

I’ll be collecting all the short stories and posting them here so that you guys have easy access to them and can read them all whenever you like! Since naming the story is optional, instead, I’ll write the name of each blogger and the combinations they picked for their piece. The latest edition will be put at the very top of the list.

Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

Aria: Rain + Hospital + Tragedy

Mel: Music + Sea + Romance (Part 3 of the three part story)

Mel: Fall + Mountain + Romance (Part 2 of the three part story)

Mel: Rain + School + Slice of Life (Part 1 of the three part story)

The Ceaseless Reader Writes: Fall + Mountain + Drama

Heyitszel: Rain + Mountain + Romance

Sophia Ismaa: Fire + School + Drama

Moyatori: Fall + Hospital + Tragedy

Remy Fool: Music + Street + Drama

Arachnid Weaver: Station + Sea + Comedy

Averge Joe Reviews: Music + Street + Drama

Kyrios the Maxim: Fire + Mountain + Tragedy

Rise from Ashes: Rain + Mountain + Slice of Life

Tanteikid94: Music + Hospital + Slice of Life/Romance

WhoAmI?: Fire + Sea + Tragedy

LitaKino: Music + Sea + Romance

Sirius: Rain + School + Comedy/Slice of Life (possibly romance)

Kawaiipaperpandas: Senpai cheated and didn’t use any prompts but wrote an amazing story 

Eumiiboo: Rain + Street + Romance 

Yomu: Music + School + Comedy

Arsene_Lucifer:  Rain + School + Romance

Jenn: Music + School + Slice of Life

Scott: Fire + School + Slice of Life/Romance

A Nerdy Perspective: Rain + Mountain + Romance 

Karandi: Fall + Mountain + Romance/Comedy/Tragedy

Ospreyshire: Rain + Mountain + Tragedy

Jack: Rain + Street + Slice of Life

WeeaBroDerek: Fire + Mountain + Romance

Lina: Fall + Sea + Tragedy

Luminous Mongoose: Fall + Mountain + Romance

Irina: Rain + Beach + Slice of Life

Arthifis: music + school + drama

BiblioNyan: music + sea + tragedy 

Rossiroad: fall + mountain + comedy

TPAB: music + hospital + drama

Leap250: rain + street + tragedy

Keiko: fall + forest + tragedy